Scholarship Application: General Instructions
  1. The applicant must complete this form. Return one copy to:

    9Th Eng. Bn. FMF Scholarship Fund
    C/O Eric Kenney
    9 East Kennedy Street
    Sullivan, Illinois, 61951

    An extra copy may be used as a worksheet and saved for future reference for your own files.

  2. Please answer all questions fully; if the answer is "none", it should be stated.

  3. In a copy of your cover letter please note who your sponsor is. Without a valid 9th Eng. Bn. Assoc. sponsor your application will not be considered at all. Please PRINT or TYPE.

  4. Send transcript with GPA of high school, college or trade school grades through most recent semester or quarter completed with the application to the above address.

  5. Click Here to download

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